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Update See Below Picture! 31 May 12


A reader recently purchased this 1987 Funjet from a friend. He doesn't  know a lot about it, but it has the Wetco Industries 60hp Suzuki 800cc 2 cylinder engine and jet pump. Forward/Reverse lever with foot throttle, holds two adults and goes approximately 40mph, maybe 45+ with only one person. 10 ft. 5 inch in length. Standard features are tachometer, speedometer, voltmeter gauges, night lights (red/green/white), bilge pump, and engine cabin air recirculator/blower. Weight is approximately 460 lbs fully loaded. 320 lb person capacity, 5 gallon fuel tank. Gas mileage is better than your average jet ski. Tri-hull fiberglass body with rubber molding and 4 anchors. Very fun, but hard to find in good condition.
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