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18-19 Feb
Updated MI Patches | Badges pages.  Added BEVRA 22 Feb 20 races in Lakeview. 

15-17 Feb
Updated Michigan Snowmobile Club Patch Project Pages.  

14 Feb 
Updated the Michigan Snowmobile History Page with new found information.  

13 Feb
Just got word, from one of the organizers, the 22 Feb 20 Whittemore Vintage Ice Oval Races are cancelled. 

11 Feb
Snowmobile Drag Racing on Lake Ponemah (11 Feb 20) rescheduled to 29 Feb 20).  Lucky Thumb Races for this Saturday (15 Feb 20) moved to Big Bend northeast of Standish.

8-9 Feb
Went to Fast Eddie's Vintage Snowmobile Event in Houghton Lake, very cool.  Photos and soon to be videos on VSM Facebook Page.  Big thanks to Mark B and Robert B for sending in a missing  Hillsdale and Montcalm counties Snowmobile Club Patches.   

6 Feb
Thanks to Phillip S for sending it the St. Charles Bulldogs Snowmobile Patch! 

4-5 Feb
Marion Snowfest Cancelled! BEVRA, Big Bend, and Gladwin Races for 8 Feb 20 Cancelled!   Lapeer Drift Busters Patch sent in -- Thanks Ben M!

30 Jan
Many changes last two days on the events and racing calendars.  Updated Mercury Twister Registry.  Add Clinton County Maple Rapids Trailblazers Patch thanks to Ron K.   

28 Jan
Upcoming BEVRA, Caro, and Lucky Thumb races cancelled.

24-27 Jan
Going through documentation from Bombardier on 1930s to 1960 snowmobiles.  Unreal!!!

23 Jan
Big Bend Vintage Snowmobile Races (25 Jan) canceled. 

22 Jan
Confirmed Larry's Seven-Ski Inn Vintage Ride for 2020 is on!

20-21 Jan
Digitized 854 35mm slides for a famous Snowmobile Family.  Don't ask who.  You'll see them on their Facebook page sometime down the road.  

19 Jan
Thanks to Greg S for sending Paradise Sno' Angels Patch in.  Added Snow Outlaws Mancelona race.  Moved Saints Races to 15 Feb 20.

17 Jan
Thanks to Kevin H for sending in the Oceana Trail Blazers Patch in!  

16 Jan
Road trip interviewing people on Michigan Snowmobile History

15 Jan
Got all the Delta County Snowmobile Club Logo/Patchs completed thanks to Heidi S.  Thank you Ben M, Frank P, Heidi S, Rod M, and Tim R for helping complete Delta County. 

14 Jan
Added Oceana White Knights Snowmobile Club logo to the project.  Thanks to Albert S.

13 Jan
Added Hart Winterfest Annual Antique and Vintage Snowmobile Show Flyer to the events page. 

12 Jan
Added Oakland County Rochester Hills Snowmobile Club Logo send in by Heidi S.

10-11 Jan
Added to MI Sled History and MI Patches | Badges pages.  Updated Events and Racing schedules.

9 Jan
Thanks to Brad S for sending in Van Buren County Mattawan Country Riders Logo.  Also to Albert S for more information on Oceana County snowmobile club history.

8 Jan
Changes and updates to the Events (2) and Racing (4) schedules.  Thank you to the World Snowmobile Headquarters in Eagle River, Wisconsin, for send in the Genesee County Sno Bums patch. 

6 Jan
Changes to the Events and Racing schedules. 

4 Jan
Events and Racing Schedules updates.  Added Mecosta Nite Riders Club patch, thanks to Mark B for sending it in. 

3 Jan
Added Flyers for the Caseville (15 Feb 20) and Hessel (8 Feb 20) Historic Snowmobile Events.

2 Jan
Happy New Year Folks!  Burned the Midnight Oil this morning, last eight plus hours totally went through the site.  Also, installed a new SSL certificate to resolve some 2019 vs. 2020 2nd party internet security software issues that Chrome and Bitedefender users were having.   All should be good now.  Enjoy my fellow Sledheads!  

30 Dec
Thanks to Mark B for sending in a Yooper Sno-Ridrers patch for Ontonagon County. 

29 Dec
Massive Update to History/Patch pages.  Nine more added thanks to Frank P. 

28 Dec
Lot of changes on the events and racing pages.  Check them out! 

27 Dec
Snow Outlaws Drags (3-4 Jan 20) in Mancelona cancelled.  Gladwin 1st Vintage Race (was 11 Jan 20) rescheduled to 18 Jan 20.  Added North Country SnowSeekers logo to Roscommon History/Patch page. 

23 Dec 
Brent C sent in a nice Sno-Cruiser Ad'; uploaded to the Michigan Made Cutters and Sleighs page.  Thank you Brent. 

22 Dec
Thank you to Todd K for allowing us to post two pictures he took back in the day of a Drake Invader racing snowmobile.

20 Dec
Total rework of site navigation.  Should load much faster.  Updated  events and racing pages. 

19 Dec
Added 1968 Munising Race Badge to Racing Patches/Badges page.  Added two more Twisters to the Registry

17 Dec
Added Mac' Bridge Crossing and Onaway Drags to the events and racing pages. 

16 Dec
Added Ironwood and Saints Flyers to the events and racing pages.  Updated Mercury Trail Twister and Sno Twister Registry

14 Dec
Updated history and Chippewa Club patch pages. 

12 Dec
Added Michigan Snowmobile Distributors Association (MSDA) Logo to Patch/Logo page; uploaded Yukon Snowmobile Sleigh dealer listing to Made in Michigan Miscellaneous page. 

11 Dec
Updated events and racing pages.

10 Dec
Numerous snowmobile history updates. 

8 Dec
Added Jerry Rice Racing (Mancelona) information to Events and Racing pages.  Updated Twister Registry

4 Dec
Added 2020 Blanchard flyer to the events page.  Uploaded picture of the rare 1981 skiroule SPRINT Prototype snowmobile made in Michigan.  

3 Dec
Added 2020 Rogers City to Events page. 

1 Dec
Listed Hart and A-1 2020 Events.  Updated Twister Registry

27 Nov
Added Baraga County Sno-Drifters Antique and Vintage Event  flyer

23-26 Nov
Interviewed five people for the History and Patch Projects.  Added to the History page.

21 Nov 
Added seven more Twisters to the Twister Registry.   Added TC-250 Vintage Race(s) to racing events. Added flyers to the Blanchard, Saints, and Ogemaw Hills vintage events calendar.

19 Nov
Added Lost Lake Woods Club's Inaugural Antique Snowmobile Rally & Ride event.

17 Nov
Added Michigan National Snocross to racing page; Indian River Vintage Ride to events page.

15 Nov
Added 10-11 Jan 20 Benzie-Manistee Snowbirds Vintage Weekend Event and Flyer; updated Snowmobile Run for Fun as Tentative on MI Events page.

14 Nov
2020 TC-250 Race(s) Cancelled. 

13 Nov
Working on Manta (Racing) section

10-12 Nov
Interviewed numerous people about the Drake Invader and LVI Raider bandit race sleds for the history project. 

8-9 Nov
Added Les Cheneaux Vintage Show and Ride on 8 Feb 20; Maple Ridge Antique and Vintage Snowmobile Show on 29 Feb 20 in  Michigamme to events page. 

7 Nov
Added updated info and pictures on the Simko Power Sled and Sport King Trail Bike on the history project.  Twisting Trails Grass Drags Cancelled (9 Nov 19). 

4 Nov
Indian River Vintage Ride date set, 11 Jan 20.  More info soon.

1-2 Nov
Attended A-1 Swap and Show in Clio, Michigan.  Huge success!  Everyone I spoke with really likes the new location at Auto City (Speedway) Events Center. 

30 Oct 
Events and Racing pages updated.

28 Oct
"Barrel Sled" added to Michigan Snowmobile History Project.  TNT Grass Drags scheduled for 2 Nov 19 cancelled

25 Oct
Special thanks to Brett T for allowing us to use pictures of his Explorer Exalter on the Michigan OSV History page. 

16-23 Oct
Major patch and racing badge/pinbacks update.

15 Oct
Major patch and racing badge/pinbacks update.  Thank you Albert S, David T, Greg S, and Lee W. 

13 Oct
Added Air-Sled-It to the snowmobile history page.  Added patches/Logos to following counties: Berrien, Iosco, and Luce.

11 Oct
Added four more Twisters to the Mercury Snowmobile Twister Registry.

10 Oct
Whittemore Vintage Snowmobile Races flyer added to the events and racing pages.

9 Oct
Added more racing badges to the Racing History page.

8 Oct
Too many updates last four days to list on the Michigan Snowmobile, ORV, and Misc history (three different) pages.  Check them out.

4 Oct
Lot of updates on the events and racing pages last week.  Couple more today. |  Big News! Another Michigan snowmobile make has been re-discovered, working on updating the history page in a few days!

28 Sep
Add the four Big Bend Vintage Race dates on the events and racing pages.

27 Sep
Special thanks to Brian B. Sr. and Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum for sending in seven more Michigan Snowmobile Racing Pinbacks / Badges for the Badge Project

23 Sep
Added G.L.A.S.S. Racing and 4th Annual Brad Redman Memorial Features in Sault Ste. Marie to events and racing pages.

20 Sep
Added Vintage Ice Oval Race (Save The Date) for 22 Feb 20, more info coming. 

16 Sep
Added Marion Snowfest Flyer and Classes to events and racing pages.

15 Sep
Went to Bay City Snowmobile Show and Swap yesterday, good time, pictures on  Thank you Bay Area Sledders and Stevens' Cycle Sales.  Also, thanks to Charles U, Cliff S, and Nancy S who sent in patches and badges (uploaded) for the Michigan Snowmobile Club History Project

13 Sep
2019 Twisting Trails Grass Drags (three dates) and 2020 Show, Swap, Radar Runs, and Ride flyers added to events and racing pages.

12 Sep
Added 2019 231 Snow Show and More in Muskegon; 2019 East Flint Lions event on the events page.

10 Sep
Uploaded the 2020 Ulby Snowmobile Show and Swap's flyer on the events page.

8 Sep
Added Gladwin's 2020 Vintage Snowmobile Races (Three dates) Flyer and Rules on the events and racing pages.  Thanks to Greg B for sending in pictures of a 1966 ski-doo "Santa Sleigh" for the ski-boose ID page.  Added another Sno-Twister to the registry.  

6 Sep
Thanks to ASCOA Michigan Rep. Tim R for sending in a better picture of the MARS logo decal listed on the Michigan Club page

5 Sep
Added 2020 Lucky Thumb and MPX Vintage Snowmobile racing dates to the events and racing pages.

4 Sep
Added a 1980s era MSA logo to Michigan Snowmobile Club History page

1 Sep
Special thanks to Steve B who allowed us to use three photos of his rare GAP Rescue Unit.  Added another Sno-Twister to the registry

25 Aug
Added Hale (4 Jan 20) Antique and Vintage flyer to events calendar.

24 Aug
Thanks to Albert S for sending in a vintage decal of the Leelanau Cedar Hilltoppers Snowmobile Club. 

23 Aug
Added Saints Swap (19 Oct 19) and 2020 TC-250 Race to events and racing pages. 

22 Aug
Added Deckerville Grass Drags (14 Sep 19) and Hale Antique and Vintage Show (5 Jan 20) Flyers.

20 Aug
Good summer! Hope all of yours was awesome.  Visited a lot of places and spoke with many on Michigan Snowmobile History.  Just scratching the surface.  A lot of folks have sent in history photos and patches (thank you all for keeping Michigan Snowmobile History alive) so please check out those pages.  Of note, the History page was so big we had to break it up into three separate pages. Over Snow Vehicles | Mini-Bikes, ORV, and etc. | Sleighs and etc

1 Jun-19 Aug
Working on motorcycles and sleds; out riding ATVs; visiting people to document snowmobile history.  Will continue to update events and racing pages when point-of-contacts send 'em in.  Enjoy the summer and get those sleds ready, I think this upcoming fall/winter event season will be our finest yet.

30 May
Updated Iosco County Snowmobile Club page with Sno-Goers Star Patch. 

27 May
Added one event and one Twister to the Registry.

23-24 May
Spoke with an Antique V-Twin Motorcycle Engine collector who identified the Everleigh engine.  Also, added three more Bluebill sleigh photos. 

22 May
Added two more Twisters to the Registry.

20 May
Busy last couple weeks researching Sleds Made/Invented in Michigan.  Also, big thanks to Albert S for finding a Berrien County Trail Blazers decal.  

11 May
Updated the Michigan skiroule section on the Sleds Made/Invented in Michigan page.  Special thanks to Doug M and Les H for the help.   

8 May
Added two more events.

4-5 May
Spoke on the phone with some of the families related to inventors listed on the Sleds Made/Invented in Michigan page.  Exciting stuff in the works ...   

3 May
The good folks at the Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum in Naubinway sent in some photos of their GAP Sno-Cruiser Sno-Camper on display for the Sleds Made/Invented in Michigan project page.

2 May
Eight major updates on the Sleds Made/Invented in Michigan project page.

29 Apr
Got some serious QGT in this morning, lousy weather, working on the next show sled (not for me, but someone else's).  It's almost done.  Can't wait to see how it does at a certain vintage snowmobile show out east pretty soon.  Early afternoon added some more sleighs along with mentioning Ice Auger Machines' invention on the Sleds Made/Invented in Michigan project page.

27-28 Apr
Busy weekend!  Added two more sleighs (Bluebill and Lakeland) to the Sleds Made/Invented in Michigan project.  Found via Yard Sales a rare Gladwin OMB raceway badge (1978) and two missing Gladwin County Ice Carnival Badges (1997 and 1998) now listed on the Racing Badges/Patches page.  Listed another Twister to the Registry

26 Apr
Two Michigan Made Sleighs added to the Sleds Made/Invented in Michigan project.  Thanks Doug L for the Yukon pictures.  VSM on the Linabery. 

24 Apr
Updated information about the Anderson (thanks to Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum) in Sleds Made/Invented in Michigan project.  Added East Jordan Swap Meet on the events page.

19 Apr
The last three weeks have hit the Sleds Made/Invented in Michigan project really hard.  Some very exciting things in the works down the road.  Today, added the Humphrey and Stanaback OSV Motorcycle Platforms to the project

17 Apr
Added Forsyth Snowmobile Club Swap Meet and Vintage Snowmobile Run For Fun events on the events page.

11 Apr 
Added Gwinn Snowmobile Show info on events page.

5 Apr
Added two snowmobiles to the Sleds Made/Invented in Michigan page.  Added two flyers to the events page.  Added MISA Race Patch to Patch/Badge project thanks to George F. 

4 Apr
Spent the day in Crawford and Otsego counties researching Sleds Made/Invented in Michigan.

3 Apr
Added the Vulcan Relic Riders 3rd Annual Vintage Snowmobile Show and Swap Meet flyer on the events page.  Of note, new location this year! 

2 Apr
Three updates on the Events page; one on the Racing page.

31 Mar
Added a couple "Michigan skiroule" pictures on the Sleds Made/Invented in Michigan project page.  Big thanks to Doug M! 

27-30 Mar
Traveled and spoke with relatives and friends on Sleds Made/Invented in Michigan project.  Very cool stuff coming to a few shows this upcoming 2019/2020 fall/winter season. 

26 Mar
Eight events total and four races added to the events pages.  Event POCs get your events in!  Added the Mystery Sled to the Sleds Made in Michigan project.

23-25 Mar
More Sleds Made in Michigan research.  Three more to add (verification pending).  

22 Mar
Soo Flying Mile and I-500 Safari patches sent in by Steve L of The Winning Edge Magazine.  Thank you Steve!

21 Mar
Updated the Sleds Made in Michigan project.  Grab a cup of coffee before you check it out.  BIG UPDATE! 

20 Mar
David S sent in a Range Snowmobile Club patch, mint, for the Badge/Patch Project.  Thank you David S! 

14 - 17 Mar
Quality Garage Time (QGT), putting the sleds to bed until November.. 

13 Mar
Thanks to Tom and Linda D for their help on the Sleds Made in Michigan with pictures and info.  

12 Mar
Went to the BIG D, well Detroit Metro, for more research on the Sleds Made in Michigan project.

11 Mar
Been a little slow on the badges/patches lately.  Thanks to Dave D for sending a Muskegon Race Badge in.  Let's keep moving forward on this!  Send missing ones in, please! 

10 Mar 
Got Hoeldtke's flyer for their 12th Annual Spring Swap Meet & Show in Vassar posted.  More Sleds Made in Michigan research.

9 Mar
Checked out Fast Eddie's snowmobile drags in B-Town (Beaverton).  Excellent event all the way around. Got leads from some of the citizens for sleds in the barn or out in the weeds.

8 Mar
Rode in the Kaleva, Thompsonville, and Maple City areas.  Trails were spot-on and County Seasonal Roads were insane!  Thank you Benzie-Manistee Snowbirds snowmobile club!  

7 Mar
Rode from Farwell to 10 miles southwest of Baldwin.  Trails were great and saw six other sleds all day.  Thanks Pere Marquette and Bladwin Trailriders snowmobile clubs.  Came back an RJ & KBJ send in Charlevoix Boyne Valley Snowmobile Club logo.  Cool!  Thank you!  

5-6 Mar
Sleds Made in Michigan research.  

4 Mar
Special thanks to Karen and Roger J, who own a Dwyer, for sending a Dwyer action video for the Sleds Made in Michigan project.  Click the video icon thumbnail in the Dwyer section

3 Mar
Updated the Sleds Made in Michigan project.  Yesterday I visited with fellow Michigan Snowmobile Historians Charlie V, David J, and John M at the Rogers City event.  I think we ended up with more questions than answers--that's good--more history to research. Special thanks to John M who provided much information and many pictures to help in this project.  Thank you John!  Can you help?  Please let us know.

2 Mar
Never too early to promote.  6th Annual Alpena Trail Roamers Antique & Vintage Snowmobile Show and Swap in Alpena, Michigan Flyer listed on Events page.  

1 Mar
Riding yesterday was unreal!  If you live anywhere around Antrim County get over to Alba, Elmira, and the Jordan Valley area today.  BIG SNOW!  Riding again today.  Added Kris Klaus Grass Drags and More (14 Sep) to Events and Racing pages.  Also, thanks to Steve and Sherry Landon of The Winning Edge Magazine for sending in six more racing badges (Three Caro; one each Cheboygan, Marquette, and Pinconning).   Just In!  Marion releases dates for their 2019 Swap Meet and 2020 Snow Fest', see Events Page.

28 Feb
Updated the Sleds Made in Michigan project.  From now on all updates with be like the Events page: Date of last update and highlighted yellow for easy ID.  Leaving pretty quick to do some back county riding on the many legal riding seasonal roads in Antrim County.  Going to leave my mark on some serious untouched drifts I've heard about after the storm.

27 Feb
No one here.  Big Snow last couple days!  Check the trails, out riddin'!

24-26 Feb
Doing more research for the Sleds Made in Michigan project.  Uploaded Sno-Cruiser and Sno Savage info and photos.  Again, thank you to Cliff S, for the Sno Savage picture and info. 

23 Feb
Was going to Bogie Bash north of Harrison and then Marion to watch the Vintage Enduro race.  Best laid plans, relative fell and broke hip.

22 Feb
Looks like the weather is going to turn south starting mid-afternoon for the LP southwest, west, and central areas.  Pre-Flight done on the sled to jet into St. Helen in a bit. Ride up to Atlanta for lunch and then blaze back through Luzerne and the Ogemaw Hills Snowmobile Club trail system back to St. Helen.  I know some great backcountry state forest roads that are rarely used even in winter so hoping to leave the mark on some places not touched.    

21 Feb
Doing more research for the Sleds Made in Michigan project.  

20 Feb
Rode 164 miles from Farwell to Cedar Springs and back.  Trails were a solid 9 out of 10.  Thank you Pere Marquette Snowmobile Club!  

19 Feb
Rode 88 miles from place near Boon to Beulah and back.  Saw nine sleds all day!  Added Raber Bay (Goetzville) Ice Oval flyer on event(s) pages.

17 Feb
Antique and Vintage Michigan Snowmobiler Cliff S sent in more pictures and information on Mini-Bike Skis for the Sleds Made in Michigan project.  See the Heathkit and Stephens Mfg sections.  Thank you again Cliff! 

16 Feb
Traveled to Marion for Vintage Snowfest.  Wow!  Show was excellent; Swap was bigger that I thought it would be; Parade (video at @VintageSnowmobileMichigan) of flags was great and the Replica 1970 Don Brown I-500 Chaparral in it was off-the-chain; races competitive and fun to watch; and so much more.  Discovered another Michigan Made Trike (with a ski) on display not listed on the Sleds Made in Michigan project (B.D.I. Explorer made in Owosso); took two pictures of a Yard-Man Sno Club for the project; picked up Gull Lake Snowmobile Club patch in the swap; and enjoyed chatting with a the antique and vintage Snowmobilers.  IT WAS A GREAT DAY!

12-15 Feb
Working on the Sleds Made in Michigan Project.

11 Feb
Thank you again to Dave T, Doug L, and Frank P for sending in four more patches towards the Michigan Snowmobile Association/Club Logo/Patch History Project.  Check out the following pages:  Chippewa, Huron, Marquette, and Ogemaw to see them and others!  Also, added a couple events sent in. 

9 Feb
Busy day for Michigan and Antique Snowmobilers.  Many events and from I heard all had very big turnouts.  Thanks to all the folks who organize, host, and make them happy so others can have a good time.  Also, picked up another Snowmobile Club for the project along with a logo thanks to George F. 

8 Feb
More research on the Sleds Made in Michigan project.

7 Feb
MPX Races, 9 Feb 19, in Sebewaing cancelled (weather).

6 Feb
BEVRA Races, 9 Feb 19, in Lakeview cancelled (weather). 

5 Feb
Added Les Cheneaux Islands Vintage & Antique Snowmobile Show Flyer.

4 Feb
Traveled downstate and met a person who raced many Triple Crown Events; Michigan Snowmobile Races in the 1970s.  Had an I-500 Top 5 finish one year.  Working on a story, look for it this summer.     

3 Feb
Added ultra-rare Soo I-500 Racer's Back (not shoulder) Patch and St. Charles Saints patch to the Racing Badges/Patches page

2 Feb
Added Bogie Bash and Vulcan Relic Riders events.  Headed to Saint Charles to check out Racin' with the Saints.  Lot of events today in Michigan--everyone stay safe and have a good time! 

1 Feb
Left the office.  Rode 132.3 miles Reed City Region.  Awesome! 

31 Jan
Both a sad and happy day.  Today, after almost 20 years,  we will no longer list late-model only snowmobile events.  If you are a late-model event point-of-contact we strongly suggest listing your event with Groomed Trail.  Do not rely on Social Media alone, that would be a big mistake, see the 13 Oct 19 post below on why.  Now for the good news.  Phase I of the Michigan Snowmobile History (Manufactures part) is completed.  Please visit this page, if you can help add, correct and etc please let us know.  The Manufactures page is a living document!  In closing, lot of events this weekend--get out and enjoy! 

30 Jan
Added the Vulcan Relic Riders Ride (16 Feb 19) and BEVRA Ice Oval Races (2 Feb 19) on the events pages

26 Jan
Great time at the Ogemaw Hills Snowmobile Club event today north of West Branch. Good news, found the rare MSA green/two sled decal on the back of an older trailer.

23 Jan
Busy last week working on a snowmobile history project (hope to be out on the streets in a few months).  Today updated the events page with another event and added a flyer to an existing event.  Also, some major changes to the schedules today.  Bottom Line:  Always check with the POC before you go! 

17 Jan
Another event cancelled this weekend (Lucky Thumb on Saturday).  Been a tough winter.   However, a brand new event added -- Vintage Snowmobile Show, 16 Mar 19, Ubly, Michigan. 

16 Jan
Added four more club and three more racing patches to the project.  Thanks to all who send them in.

15 Jan
Caro MIRA races cancelled--Press Release.  Added two more patches and one more club to the project

12 Jan
Added 17 more patches/badges to the Michigan Club Patch and Racing Badge History project thanks to Tom A, John J, and Kenny M.  Keep sending 'em in!

9 Jan
Many events added; canceled and rescheduled today because of the so far lousy winter.  See the events pages (click appropriate Link to the right).

7-8 Jan
Added 13 more Club Patches to the Michigan Snowmobile Club History Project thanks to Rod M.

6 Jan
Added Onaway's Flyer to the events page.  Added two more to the Twister Registry

5 Jan
Attend Hale Show, 138 registered sleds and 144 sleds total.  M Meyers YouTube Channel has a great video of it, click here.  Also, Rob M brought 13 more Club Patches we didn't have, thank you Rod!  We'll be working on uploading those on Monday.  

2 Jan
Empire Snowmobile Drags Roy Taghon Memorial Flyer and Nimby Pond Snowmobile Watercross Race dates added. 

1 Jan
Arenac County Pt. Au Gres Vintage Patch sent in via Cliff S.


31 Dec
BEVRA Races in Lakeview on January 5, 2019 cancelled. 

27 Dec
27th Annual Long Riders Relic Ride Flyer added to events pages; Vintage Enduro Race at Rice Lake International Raceway near Gwinn added to events pages as well. 

25 Dec
Marquette Vintage Ride and Show Flyer added to events pages.

24 Dec
Added another Twister to the Registry

21 Dec
Three more patches/logos send in for the Snowmobile Club History Project making the total so far 142 out of 342 clubs documented.  Special thanks to Roger J who send in the Blizzard Brigade Logo and Tricounty of SW Michigan Snowmobile Club Logo. 

20 Dec
Added 10 events total in the last couple days:
Vintage  |  All  |  Racing

17 Dec
Ultra Rare MSA ('60s MSA) Pinback and Patrol Patch added to patch/badge history project.

15 Dec
Hart Vintage Snowmobile Event, 2 Feb 19, added.  Thrill Seekers Snowmobile Club logo added. 

14 Dec
Tri-City Snowmobile Club patch in Saginaw County added; Updated old East Jordan Snowmobile Club logo added in Charlevoix County.

12 Dec
5th Annual Les Cheneaux Islands Vintage & Antique Snowmobile Show in Hessel on 9 Feb 19 event added.  Two I-500 Race Week Event flyers added

11 Dec
Shanty Days Antique and Vintage Snowmobile Show in Caseville event added. Wheel Kit story updated.

10 Dec
Ironwood (three event dates) and Onaway Vintage Drags events added.  Newest Range Snowmobile Club Logo added. 

8 Dec
Great time at East Flint Lions Swap and Show.  Pictures on direct Facebook link here.  You do not have to belong or signed in to view them.  Thanks to all who put this on and the East Flint Lions who invited us to check it out. 

7 Dec
Big Day!  West Michigan Sno-X Flyer listed (10 Events!);  Blanchard Vintage Snowmobile Show and Swap Raffle Flyer

6 Dec
Busy morning so far, three 2019 event flyers sent it: 5 Jan 19 Hale Show and Swap | 23 Feb 19 East Jordan Bikini Run (Pink Ribbon related) | 2 Mar 19 Grand Marais Michigan Sled Chix (Cancer related).

4 Dec
Racin' with the Saints, 19 Feb 19, in St. Charles, MI Flyer added.

3 Dec
Snowmobile The Mighty Mac Flyer added.  Wheel Kit Story updated.

2 Dec
Ironwood Snowmobile Olympus Vintage Racing, 29 Dec 18, in Ironwood, MI  Flyer added.

25 Nov
Gobles Driftbusters Snowmobile Club Radar Runs added to the Michigan Events and Racing pages.

23 Nov
Three more patches added to the Patch/Badge ProjectNorth Country Snowmobile Club (Ontonagon); Pine River Trail Blazers (Osceola), and  Cass River Sno-Drifters (Tuscola).

22 Nov
Indian River Vintage Ride, 12 Jan 19, listed.  Thanks Kerry for sending it in.

zxmas_vsm.jpg (98569 bytes)

Happy Holidays VSM Friends, click the Thumbnail for full size card!

19 Nov
Ogemaw Hills Vintage Event Flyer on the streets for their 26 Jan 19 event north of West Branch.

Twisting Trails 2019 Grass Racing dates released and on the event calendars.

Last couple days been helping yet another Snowmobile Club create a web site and social media presence.  See the entire 13 Oct 18 entry below on why.  

13 Nov
If you haven't checked the schedules out in the last 10 day you might want to surf over to 'em.  Many events added with two more today.   Also, two more just waiting for the OK to post and a five more besides that in the works.  It's going to be very busy this winter season.  Busy is good!  Vintage | Michigan | Racing

Last couple days been helping a Snowmobile Club update their web site and social media presence.  See the entire 13 Oct 18 entry below on why.  

10 Nov
Visited the Hale American Legion post to confirm if the Annual 1st Saturday of the year Antique and Vintage Snowmobile Event was still on.  Yes it it and they are working on the flyer.  Save the date:  5 Jan 19.

9 Nov
Big Mack 150, Gladstone, Harrison, MISA Mardi Gras De Snow, Strongs, and West Branch racing badges added to the racing section..

8 Nov
HillmanMills Township (Lake Ogemaw/Skidway Lake), and four Mt. Pleasant badges added in racing section..

6 Nov
Thunder Bay 250 1976, 1981, and 1982 badges added in the racing section.

5 Nov
Grand Traverse (1972 and 1978 TC-250) and  Mackinac County (Les Cheneaux) badges in the racing section.

4 Nov
Was off-the-chain at A-1 thank you all for helping the patch/badge project.  Additions in work.

3 Nov
At A-1 having a great time, more later.

2 Nov
Today was a great day at A-1 Swap and Show in Chesaning, Michigan.  John M contributed two patches to the Patch/Badge ProjectBerrien County Snow Drifters and Kalamazoo Gull Lake. Thank you John! Look forward to tomorrow.

1 Nov
Blossomland Snowmobile Club Patch, Berrien County, sent in by Roger J.  Thank you!

31 Oct
TnT Grass drags scheduled for 3 Nov 18 have been cancelled (Heavy Rains).  For more info.

1974 Caro 150 badge added thanks to Cliff S. 

29 Oct
1st Annual Marion Enduro 300 badge added to racing badges, thanks to Cliff S. 

28 Oct
Verified and added the for more clubs (now 339 total) to the Michigan Snowmobile Club History project:  Davison Sno-Fun Club (Genesee), Lakewood Snow Goers (Ionia), Baldwin Snowmobilers (Lake), and   Snow Hawk Snowmobile Club (St. Joseph). 

26 Oct
Updated the Mercury Snowmobile Twister Registry with two more sleds.

25 Oct
Added 11th Annual Benzie Manistee Snowbirds Vintage Snowmobile Show & Swap flyer.

22 Oct
Added Naubinway flyer and updated Fast Eddie's event flyer to applicable event pages.

20 Oct
Add Fast Eddie's event in Prudenville to all three event pages.

18 Oct
Out-of-pocket much of the last three days and meeting with another today.  Looks like what was posted below on 13 Oct about not having a dedicated website is taking hold.  Now assisting three groups and one company on updating / building web sites and teaching social media secrets.  What are you waiting for???

15 Oct
Five more snowmobile club patches added for the Patch/Badge project page!  Special mention to Doug L for sending in three more (two for Muskegon and one for Newaygo). 

14 Oct
Talked many folks about club pages yesterday at the Marion Snowmobile Swap.  One person showed me pictures of their patch/badge collection, UNREAL!  He's going to help us with many missing patches.  Got our first Mecosta Snowmobile Club patch loaded on the Mecosta  section of the Patch/Badge project page.

13 Oct
Went to the Marion Snowmobile Swap Meet today in Marion.  Great time!  For $5 and a can of food it's the best value Snowmobile Swap in the State!  Found a couple more patches for the patch/badge project I'll post tomorrow.  Posted photos on the  Vintage Snowmobile Michigan Facebook page.  Speaking of Facebook see next paragraph.

Update to paragraph below:
Asked 50 people I didn't know, "How did you know about today's swap?" 27 saw the flyer on this site, 12 saw it somewhere on Facebook, 10 knew about it from attending before, and one didn't care to give an answer. 

I often hear powersports event point-of-contacts say, "We don't need a website, we put everything on social media." YIKES! Those who take this attitude should read the spot-on article by one of our own at the end of this paragraph. Gut check time--how many views did your flyer get on your Facebook account; how many likes does your account have? Safe to say not nearly as many as you would like.  Sure VSM has social media accounts, but use it to reflect traffic here among other reasons.. For a certain flyer or story done on social media the number of views there are like a drop in a bucket compared to visitors here. The amount of powersports related hobbyists that are not on social media are a very big overall percentage of those who are. When I go to an event people say I aw the flyer on the events pageRarely do they mention social media. Today at Marion I'll keep track of some stats and report back here later tonight. In the meantime check out Larry's thoughts here: 

10 Oct 18
Calhoun County Springfield Snow Seekers; Charlevoix County East Jordan Sno-Mobilers newer style patches added.  Thank you to Tom and Linda D; Alan K respectively.

The 13 Oct 18 TNT Grass Drags near Byron Center, Michigan rescheduled to 3 Nov 18 because of track conditions (too much rain in our state last couple weeks). 

Now you know! A few weeks ago the Sno-Buddy Patch was posted. I got a PM, "What is that symbol on the bottom of the patch?" It is the Robert Bosch company logo (magneto armature inside the magnetic housing). Bosch underwrote all the costs of the Sno-Buddy program. Next question, "What exactly was the Sno-Buddy program?" It provided clubs with materials, ideas, incentives to carry out beneficial activates on behalf of the sport, inform the public, and reward actions. Participating clubs submitted reports at the end of the season to be judged by an impartial panel to select winners. Awards were given to individuals, outstanding club President, and to media. Also, a special award for service and heroism in emergency situations by individuals or groups of Snowmobilers. Does anyone have or know what one of these awards looked like. Would be very cool to see! 

9 Oct 18 
Ironwood adds another event | 16-17 Feb 19 | USSA Prostar Series with five Vintage Classes | |

6 Oct 18
Added 2019 Michigan Winter Fest dates on the Michigan and Racing pages.

5 Oct 18
Listed Mickey's Sleds Inventory Reduction Auction on the Events and Michigan pages.

3 Oct 18
TNT drags, Bryon Center, for 6 Oct 18 have been rescheduled to the 13th (Oct 18). 

2019 TLR Cup Tour Season cancelled. Read more on their FB post: 

Dually Grass Drags in Applegate Flyer and info added.

Michigan Club Patch Update: 335 documented clubs with 132 patches and logos. Two more patches in the works if things pan out. Again, many thanks for all the help on this project.  With 40% patches documented we still need your help with the rest.  

2 Oct 18
4th Annual Flint Area 2018 Snowmobile Show & Swap Flyer added.

MISA Safety Graduate patch added on Patch/Badge Project.

Charles "Chuck" Rencurrel passes. He and his company are such a huge part of Michigan Snowmobile History. Products like "Kalamazoo Klaw"," Konsumer Karbides", and so many more had catchy names and are legendary. He sponsored the Kyotee Snowmobile Racing Team on the Sno-Pro, USSA, and MISA circuits. Chuck was a decorated Veteran. Prayers and thoughts to his family and friends. Bottom Line: An amazing person, please take time to read his Obituary at  

1 Oct 18
Eight races added to the Racing page.

Another Trail Twister ID number added to the Mercury Twister snowmobile registry.

30 Sep 18
Mighty Mac Wheel Kit Story updated.