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Stefan from Sweden and Timo from Finland sent the following information and pictures (thanks Stefan and Timo):  Lohnerwerke made ski-doos under license by Bombardier in Wien, Austria.  The model names were R8, R10, and R14.  R stands for Rotax and the numbers for the engine power in horsepower.  The R8 was made in 1964/65, R10 in 1966, and the R14 in 1967/68.  In 1969, there were a few Olympic 12/3s (called Olympics in Europe) assembled before the production discontinued. The Austrian made ski-doos had 90/ first in the serial number.  Example: 90/3299.  

Also, from a ski-doo expert in Sweden, and overall good guy Robert The Élan Man.   Here's a picture of a "utility" euro-doo made by Lohnerwerke (you can see the round sticker on the side of the hood).  I believe the air box is like the one on the '66-'67 Olys? This might suggest that it is made in 1966-68 although the chassis is a 64?  Great photo Robert and thanks for sending it in.  


Model Pictures (Click for Full Size)
R8 Copy of Ski-Doo R8.jpg (18822 bytes) skidoo_r8.jpg (31889 bytes)
R10 Copy of Ski-Doo R10.jpg (18343 bytes)euro2.jpg (11248 bytes)euro1.jpg (12760 bytes) lockwerk1964.jpg (11178 bytes)
R14 Copy of Ski-Doo R14.jpg (20308 bytes)

Lohner Utility snowmobile used in the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria.


Lohner_utility.jpg (14779 bytes)  Lohner1.jpg (36659 bytes) Lohner2.jpg (30495 bytes) Lohner3.jpg (40773 bytes) Lohner4.jpg (44935 bytes) lohner.jpg (79685 bytes)

Gerard's R14 that was used in the Grenoble (1968) Winter Olympic games. The sled had to be de-emblemed as all snowmobiles used in the Olympics have been. It has a 299cc Rotax with a Tillotson HR10 carburetor. Thank you Gerard for sending in pictures of your rare ski-doo.


euroskidoo-olympic-69.jpg (27533 bytes)  


varg1.jpg (116558 bytes) varg2.jpg (111237 bytes) Jon from Norway sent in:  Just got my fathers old snowmobile back and now in the process of ripping it apart. In Norway the Olympic was called Varg (Wolf) or Pukkelvarg (Humpbackwolf).  The marking on the side was somewhat different from the American counterparts. Instead of 12/3 its labeled 12/15 as in horsepower and reference to track width. Some also had a snowmobile/wolfhead logo on the side. Mine has a serial number starting with 7010. Which  is a 1970 Olympic 12/3, but with a Rotax 247 cc engine. Best regards Jon in Kirkenes Norway.  Thanks Jon for sending this in!  More pixs on the Varg logo below from Swen.
vargdecal.jpg (40561 bytes) vargside.jpg (154780 bytes)


Pretty cloudy history.  From my research, the first Lynx was built in 1968 in Austria with a Rotax engine--thanks to Jukka for the photo of his, what I believe is a 1968, Lynx.  From David's Vintage Snowmobile Site: A 1969 Lynx snowmobile was built in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland with a Sachs engine.  According to Claude, The Finnish Lynxs were produced by Velsa Oy of Rovaniemi and became Bombardier-Nordtrac (Lynx ©) in early 1994.  Thanks to David and Claude for their research--please visit David's entire site at www.vintagesnowmobiles.50megs.com

If you have any more information on the '60s and early '70s Lynx snowmobiles please let me know by clicking here to send an E-mail.  Also, did Lynx ever make a racing snowmobile back in the day?  If so, please let me know!

Lynx Click on Picture for full size

1968 Lynx1968_lynx_2.jpg (24420 bytes)

1969 Lynx    1969_lynx_1.jpg (15038 bytes)     1969_lynx_2.jpg (23151 bytes)


In Switzerland, Rolba snowmobiles built by Bombardier, were sold in the early to mid '60s.  If anyone has anymore information or Rolba pictures please send 'em in!  Thanks to Renee in Canada for sending in the three below!

Rolba 1960

 Rolba 1961 K61

Mid-1960's Rolba
(Sent in by Renne)

Gérard from France just found this ROLBA 1974 Alpine 640ER at a ski resort in France. Thanks Gérard for sending it in!

Colbjonsen & Co. 

1963 R8 Varg produced in Norway by Colbjonsen & Co. Licensed to produced ski-doo in '63 and '64, only the R8. The Norwegian name on the sled was Varg (wolf). Many thanks to Erlend L in Norway for the use of his picture.