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Antique and Vintage ski-doo FAQs

You came to the right place.  Below is the top questions I get over and over.

 If you don't see the answer you're looking for on the site or below check out the
oldski-doosleds message board!

Where can I get parts for my antique ski-doo; vintage ski-doo?
Go to oldski-doosleds message board, vendors are listed there or post your needs.

How can I identify a specific antique or vintage ski-doo model?
Go to your local ski-doo dealer; they have all the ID numbers.  In the meantime, check out the www.teshio.com/oldski-doosleds/ids.htm page or the oldski-doosleds message board.

Where can I find a antique and vintage ski-doo pictures?
Where can I find out where antique and vintage snowmobile events are?
Check out www.teshio.com/vsn/events.htm page.  

I'm restoring a ski-doo, where can I find some specifications?
Here's what people have sent me: I've got a really old ski-doo part with a part number.  What model does it go on?
Check out the 1960-1973 Major ski-doo parts Cross-Reference List. You must agree to terms on the list to use. PDF File, you must download, right click on this hyperlink & Select Save As option to download.

How do I fix a fiberglass or polycarbonate hood?
Check out these two sites for some good information: What is the proper paint code for my ski-doo?
ski-doo dealers can get the right codes for your machine; however, here's what people have been sending me:  www.teshio.com/oldski-doosleds/paint.htm.  Lots of great information on that page!  Also, check the message board at oldski-doosleds message board

I have a ski-boose, where can I find more information about it?
Check out the www.teshio.com/oldski-doosleds/skiboose.htm and skibooseids.htm pages.

Did Bombardier make any vintage snowmobiles in Europe?
See the
Euro ski-doos page!

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