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Looking for more information on the Ski-Coop snowmobile trailer covers.

  • Made by Roller Reinforced Fiberglass (RRF).
      * Located in Ashtabula, Ohio.
      * Also, made parts for Rupp Snowmobile and Chevrolet Corvette.
      * Made a limited run of Ski-Coops in the mid-sixties.
      * Idea was to protect snowmobiles year around from the elements.

Here's an E-mail just sent in :

Hi, I was on your website today and noticed you were looking for info on Roller Reinforced Plastics.  

I am located in Ashtabula, Ohio, where the company had it's business. I made a phone call today to a business called Hughes Roller just out of curiosity to see if they were somehow connected.    

The nice lady on the phone informed me that the father of Joe, who runs Hughes Roller now, formed RRF.  RRF changed business focus in the early-nineties.  She does know that they were in business in 1965.